Cuvèe 4.Zero

Extra Brut
0 g/L
Sugar residual
5,7 g/L
Total acidity
Alcohol volume
Denomination of Controlled and Granted Origin
100% Glera grapes
Manual harvest

Crafted from scratch.

An authentic and complex cuvée leading tradition to new expressive peaks: each element preserves its own singular purity originating an unrepeatable harmony, elegant and rare together.

Sensory expression.

The bouquet is characterized by a contrast of ripe and unripe scents, which balancing together allow for precious shades of hazelnut and almond to rise.

The cuvée is fresh and surprisingly velvety in the palate. It immediately expresses its strong minerality and stretches into a saline finale.

The name.

Fourth and latest member of the Scandolera collection, 4.Zero is an innovative cuvée that also looks back to tradition: a Prosecco DOCG with zero sugar residual, as it originally was. Its structure, characterized by a marked minerality, is exclusively granted by the natural properties of the Scandolera grapes, researched with attention and care in each different terroir.

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