Getting the most out of Nature.


Zoning means meticulously analyzing a terroir, considering each of the different geo-morphological and micro-climatic peculiarities to identify its inherent properties and potential uses.

This was the starting point in the choice of the 22 hectares of land Scandolera personally grows, located throughout the whole Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG area and carefully selected based on their position and orientation to the sun path.

Thanks to this unique arrangement we are able to capture each of the geological and microclimatic properties of our territory: this provides us with a wide range of scents and aroma nuances to compose our wines.


Towards our territory, towards every single vine, towards each of products. The concept of respect is at the core of all Scandolera company choices and actions.

With our hands, bunch after bunch.

Only manual harvest can preserve the integrity of the grape and fully respect the plant: this is why in Scandolera we exclusively harvest our vineyards as tradition dictates: with hands, scissors and baskets.

Innovation and protection.

We have been among the first to adopt the use of natural preparations capable of stimulating the immune defenses of the vine itself. This, together with the ad litteram implementation of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG consortia protocol, allows us to cut the use of phytosanitary products by more than a half.

To the future.

Scandolera is lead partner of the ITAca project, in collaboration with the AFNAE department of the University of Padua, in the design and testing of a revolutionary fixed plant for phytosanitary treatments.

Inside the hill.

Of the winery building only the front facade is visible from the outside: the beating heart of Scandolera is hollowed out in the hill.

This allows significant energy savings in terms of thermal control and a reduced visual impact aimed at maintaining the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us.

Technique and safeguard.

We rely on carefully selected machinery to safeguard the properties of our cuveès in each production stage: from delivery to the cellar to pressing, from subsequent fermentation
of the must to sparkling wine.


Only the man.

Only the man, standing with his own legs, is able to climb and grow the steep hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene. Each member of Scandolera staff cares for each of the 77.000 vines we grow: tying the shoots, cutting the foliage, moving the surrounding soil, mowing the grass…

Only the man with his sensitivity is able to adapt to the rhythms of the vine, understanding the perfect moment for each process to be enacted.

“Only the man is truly able to respect. This is why in Scandolera we rely on the heroic manual work in every operation, taking personally care of our vineyards to make them healthy and long-lived.”

The shift: from know-how to knowledge.

Inside our winery, the traditional know-how meets the most updated enologic knowledge and advanced technologies.

The winification of the grapes takes place separately according to the vineyard of origin: in this way can we preserve the natural properties conferred by the peculiar composition of each soil, evaluating the potential of each wine base.

Pure melodic composition.

To valorize at best each harvest, once the vinification of the separate grapes is completed we combine the various wine bases obtained, composing a specific cuvée for each prosecco category: the orchestra capable of enhancing each individual artist, the whole in which all the elements are embedded, originating the unique Scandolera signature.

In this process extraordinary enological knowledge is required. Here the enologist, like a musician, gives birth to his masterpiece.

Eye on details.

In wine-making, each single detail makes the final difference.

In Scandolera we carefully analyzed each step to enact each step with the maximum attention possible. This is our secret to guarantee a product that is not just excellent, but whose quality remains a guarantee year after year.

From this derives the inimitable signature that characterizes each Scandolera product.

“The challenge doesn’t lie in achieving excellence but in maintaining it”.

Absolute passion, from the beginning ‘till the end.

Scandolera wines embed all our passion.

All the efforts in getting up at the first lights of dawn, in working every day just with hands and arms, through the sultry heat of summer and the freezing cold of winter.

All the sacrifices in staying late in the winery to supervise the fermentation of the yeasts, to complete the tasting of the tanks, to supervise the processes.

Superiore per Natura.

Scandolera wines are the result of a daily analysis aimed at truly and deeply appreciating what is different and unique by nature to express it in the most respectful and pristine way.Each nuance of our cuvées perfectly enhances the natural characteristics of the harvest in an authentic and elegant prosecco, simply Superiore per Nature.